Don't just be impressed by Eye-One Display's beautiful design! The new Eye-One Display is a powerful, sophisticated solution that provides consistent, predictable color on all types of monitors - both LCD and CRT. The easy-to-use, compact device provides the same high quality you expect from our Eye-One Pro instrument - and is very affordable. Ideal for photographers, creative directors, publishers, and designers working in ad agencies and corporations.

Available today NZ$750 (incl.GST)
for further details email: Forensic Imaging Sales

  Eye-One Display calibrates and profiles LCD and CRT displays

NEW! Color measurement device

  • Compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements
  • Easily attaches to both CRT and LCD monitors
  • Sleek, lightweight design easily operated with one hand
  • Calibrates your monitor to ensure the right colors are displayed
  • Use at multiple workstations – no additional licensing fee
  • USB powered

The new Eye-One Display has a counterweight built into the design for easy use with any flat panel or CRT display. When you need to profile a display with a hood, use the built-in suction cups to attach the device directly to the monitor

NEW! Eye-One Match 2.O software

  • Easier to use! Interface redesigned for even greater simplicity
  • New history section for easy identification of where you are in the process
  • Easy to follow on-screen help guides; no extra manuals needed
  • For calibration and profiling of both CRT and LCD monitors
  • NEW! Easy mode provides predefined settings and automated processes for users who are new to color management or who don't want to develop customized settings.
  • Advanced mode gives experienced users access to customized settings for the best possible results.
  • New native white point option leaves the white point of the monitor as is
  • Mac and PC compatible - Classic, OS X, Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP
  Calibrating other devices 

The Eye-One Display only calibrates monitors, when you want to calibrate other devices (cameras, scanners, printers, proofers, etc) you can choose to:

  • Upgrade to one of Gretag Macbeth's more comprehensive products. (You receive an upgrade voucher when you purchase the Eye-One Display.)
  • Inlist the help of the experts at Forensic Imaging. We can work with you on site or, for straight forward projects, calibrate your devices remotely. Email or phone for more information.