Accurate plates are a prerequisite for accurate printing. iCPlate II from GretagMacbeth provides a high level of plate reading accuracy with a high camera resolution, short measurement time, automatic calibration, and batteries that do not need constant recharging. It's the only device needed to measure the whole screen ruling range and the whole dot size range—the complete solution including the platereader, a calibration target and software.

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iCPlate II packages
iCPlate II - Includes the iCPlate II Device, and TabWizard II
iCPlate II Bundle - Includes the iCPlate II Device, TabWizard II, and iCPlate Target II

    Fast Measurement Cycle    

The power of iCPlate II, which provides quick measurement time and clear visualization of the results, is only the beginning. This hand-held device is automatically calibrated, eliminating calibration errors, saving you time, and thereby reducing your measurement cycle. And reduced measurement cycle means increased quality output.

    Easy to Use     

TThe icon based Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides language independent operation with easy to see readings of your plate characteristics–all via a large LCD display. Switching from one mode to another is simple, allowing you to use one product for multiple functions as you verify and track plate accuracy and consistency. The small frame makes the unit easy to handle and very easy to position correctly on the plate. It's cable free and requires little training.

    High Measurement Accuracy    
The superior object recognition algorithm built into iCPlate II eliminates dust and scratches as it reads your plate. The video camera system is supported by 3 different lamp types providing perfect illumination as it measures positive and negative plates, and AM and FM (stochastic) screening, on a wide range of plate types. The high image resolution provides all of the visibility needed in one simple to use tool for analyzing: dot area, dot size, screen ruling, screen angle, visualization of the dots and the plate characteristic curve.
    Energy Efficient    
Due to the LED technology of the iCPlate II the life time of the battery is extended. This means longer battery life, and a plate reader that is ready to work when you are.
    Tab Wizard II        

TabWizard II software is included with every iCPlate II. The TabWizard II allows you to easily import measurement values and plate images directly into an active Windows application such as Microsoft Excel, for quality tracking purposes. Simply measure a sample and TabWizard II automatically places the data wherever your cursor is positioned.

Even plate images can be transferred to the PC with the included TabWizard software.

iCPlate Target II    
iCPlate Target II, a tool to help test for accuracy and to calibrate the device, supports the ISO 9000 process by storing and printing the test and calibration data. It consists of a reference target and a software package, and is available as an option or included in the bundle package.