Forensic Imaging Limited

Ian Calhaem BSc (Maths), MSc (Physics), PHD (Geophysics)    

After graduating, Ian joined the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. His projects included field-work in Antarctica, risk analysis on hydroelectric projects, and implementing computer systems, plus a secondment to NASA where he designed technical equipment for Apollo. Seconded to the Government Printing Office, Ian became expert in imaging and electronic publishing technologies. Ian is highly regarded for his knack of finding elegant solutions to difficult technical problems.

Phone: +64-21-936 785

David Brown LLB BCom MBA  

After graduating from the Harvard Business School, David spent 5 years with McKinsey & Company, undertaking consulting projects in a number of industries. He has considerable management experience, including having been CEO of Whitcoulls Group Ltd, a listed company that included the former NZ Government Printing Office, Australia and New Zealand’s largest bookshop chains, and New Zealand’s largest office products business.

Phone: +64-9-529 2318