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Enhancing productivity

Do your scanners, cameras, workstations and printers work together to deliver reliable, repeatable colour? They can.

Forensic Imaging will work with you to ensure that you gain the maximum value from your colour imaging investments. Imaging solutions are complex and it is important to set up each system to meet the particular needs of your organisation.

The creation of device profiles is a key component to the implementation of robust colour workflows. Forensic Imaging will ensure that all devices are correctly calibrated.

Training is a critical component, it is not simply a matter of teaching operators what to do, but why. An operator who understands the reason for adopting a particular process or procedure will carry out tasks with conviction and resolve problems quickly.

Solving Problems

Production problems, especially related to colour and quality, can be extremely difficult to identify and resolve. In a modern production environment it is often difficult to locate the source of a problem. It may be bad practice, inappropriate configuration or simply equipment failure.

Production problems frustrate staff, management and customers alike. They do not go away and they cost time, material and shear heartache for those involved.

Forensic Imaging can introduce a fresh set of eyes, objectively analysing the production process end to end. Sometimes we find a single cause, but frequently, a number of problems are found that compound to create, what appear to be, a single production problem. Smoothing these wrinkles provides you with control over your production processes.

Our customers are often excited about the lessons learnt and the increased management they have over their technology and processes. 

Supplying Solutions
Forensic Imaging is the only Certified Partner of Gretag Macbeth in Australasia. This certification is recognition, by Gretag Macbeth that we are competent to sell and support Gretag Macbeth Colour Management Solutions.