Forensic Imaging Limited


Forensic Imaging Limited is a specialist consultancy fulfilling the growing demand for colour management and workflow analysis in the New Zealand Printing, Digital Imaging and Photo Processing markets.

Our colour management expertise covers a wide range of devices, media and workflow management tools including monitors, printers, digital cameras, scanners, printing presses, pre-press, photo processing plants, and wide format printers. Forensic Imaging Limited uses state of the art profiling technology from Gretag Macbeth to produce high quality device profiles complying to International Colour Consortium (ICC) specifications.

Colour management has now reached a price point where most printers and publishers will be able to translate this investment into improved returns, higher productivity, and increased customer satisfaction. An effective colour management implementation will:

Improve the quality and predictability of output.
Simplify proofing.
Reduce rework.
Reduce turnaround time.
Ensure that the colour capability of equipment is fully exploited.

Further Reading

Before implementing colour management (with or without our help) it is important to understand the basics. Here are three articles written by Ian Calhaem, Forensic Imaging's Technical Director, that provide a good overview of the principles, objectives and issues.

So you want to set up a colour management workflow

Creating your ICC profiles

Digital Proofing